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What is the weather like?
David Anderson Safari Consultants can make no guarantees regarding your weather while in Africa, however, we can make some predictions:

Kenya and Tanzania
East Africa is fairly moderate year round. The temperature ranges between 49 degrees and 80 degrees. The humidity is low and the mornings and evenings are refreshingly cool.

Zimbabwe, Zambia and Botswana
The best time to visit Southern Africa is between the months of January and September. Temperatures range from a low of 40 degrees to daytime highs in the mid 80’s. In June and July, the evenings and early mornings can be quite cold - sometimes in the low 40’s.

Rwanda and Uganda
Because of the elevation of these countries, the average day-time temperature year round is about 75 degrees. It will be cool during the evening and early morning.

South Africa
South Africa is generally sunny and temperate throughout the year. Since the country lies south of the equator, the seasons are the reverse of those in the northern hemisphere. Winters (June/July) are usually cool and mild. Game viewing is good year round.

Namibia has a subtropical climate and is typical of semidesert areas with warm days and cool nights.

What makes David Anderson Safari Consultants different?
David Anderson Safari Consultants is not a travel agency, we only plan and design travel to Africa. Safari Africa
books your land and air transportation through independent ground operators and airlines. Over the years we have achieved a high level of expertise in this highly specialized destination. Since Africa is all we do, we have also established professional relationships with the management at the best lodges and tented camps in Africa as well as with the most popular air carriers serving Africa. Your arrangements will be handled by a specialist, not a generalist.

Is a safari tiring?
Yes and no. A safari is very spiritually and emotionally stimulating. You end your days relaxed and content. However, many of the roads are rough and dusty. For this reason we incorporate flights on some safaris to reduce road time. On our “winged safaris” we utilize aircraft for all transportation between the parks.

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