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By: David Anderson
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Politics as usual

For some reason Americans see Africa as a country, not a continent of 52 nations. In fact, the nations of Africa make up one third of the membership of the United Nations.

It’s a continent 3.5 times the size of the United States with a land mass second only to Asia. Yet when trouble breaks out on the continent, Americans tend to avoid all 52 countries. I have never felt unsafe in Africa and all of the people who I have assisted in traveling there have told me the same.

Bugs of all sizes

Africa has its fair share of diseases with AIDS being in the forefront of the news these days; on a luxury safari you will not encounter this. The main precaution you need to take out of the ordinary is against malaria.

Malaria is contracted from the bite of the Anopheles mosquitoes that feeds between sundown and sunup. High-risk times are during the rainy season when mosquito larvae breed in stagnant pools. During the dry seasons few mosquitoes are to be found.

Wild Things

Remember Tarzan? Did you know that the creator of Tarzan never visited Africa and most of the episodes were filmed in Southern California? It seemed that some wild animal was always attacking Tarzan, but in reality most animals avoid humans and only attack if provoked or protecting young.

You do need to exercise caution in camps without fences, but there is always a guard or ranger at hand for advice or as an escort.

Now that I’ve put the safety issue in perspective, and you’ve decided that you would like to experience a safari, let me address the various considerations.

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