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Safari Planner - page 4
By: David Anderson
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Choosing your Destination

As with all travel experiences, the first step is to decide on your destination. Unless you have a month to travel, I do not recommend combining East Africa with Southern Africa as the distances are just too far.

There are three main safari regions. These are:

  1. East Africa: Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda
  2. Southern Africa: Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Malawi and Namibia
  3. South Africa: (I put the country of South Africa in a separate region because it is very different from the other countries in Southern Africa
  4. Important Questions to Answer

    How long do you have to travel?

    While the average safari is 16-21 days, safaris can be from as few as 7 days to as long as many weeks. Remember, the journey to and from Africa and the United States will take at least 3 days of travel and the airfare will be the same if you go for two weeks or four weeks.

    What level of comfort are you looking for?

    We define the level of comfort that our age, background, desire, attitude, and income level has conditioned us to define as acceptable. While it’s generally easier to accept a higher level of comfort than our expectations, it’s also possible to feel uncomfortable in a 5-star hotel if you prefer a 3-star or a 2-star hotel. If you are used to the finest restaurants, eating a $.79 hamburger from the local convenience market may not be acceptable under any conditions. I often hear people say that they don’t want deluxe or luxury camps but they do want the best game viewing experience.  As a general rule, you won’t find budget accommodation in the best game viewing areas.

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