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By: David Anderson
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What is your budget?
This is perhaps the most important question. An African safari can cost as little as $100 per day for a participation camping overland safari to well over $500 a day. Some companies specialize in budget safaris for the young “back-packer” wanting to “rough it” on an overland safari, while others cater to the more affluent seasoned traveler who wants to experience Africa in style and comfort.  Here are some things to consider when thinking about choosing a safari that matches your budget and desired comfort level.


•Overland safaris, where you pitch your own tent and participate in camp chores, are the least expensive of all safaris.
•Large lodges are less expensive than small-tented camps and lodges.
•Luxury mobile-tented safaris are normally the most expensive but exclusive permanent tented camps can be a similar price.


•Overland safaris use big trucks with a low level of comfort.
•Comfortable minivans are used on some safaris in East.
•Land Rovers and Land Cruisers are comfortable but more expensive than minivans.
•Fly-in or 'winged' safaris are more expensive than using vehicles.

Other issues affecting your decision:

•Often more expensive safaris have more experienced guides.
•Always check what is included in the safari price.
•Private game reserves are more expensive than government managed parks and reserves.
•As a general rule, the more expensive the lodge or camp, the better the food.
•Up-market camps and lodges usually include wine with dinner and sometimes have an open bar policy

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