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By: David Anderson
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The Seven Components to a Successful Safari

Finally, over the years, I have concluded that there are seven factors that influence how successful a safari will be.

  1. Good Wildlife Viewing – Since most Americans travel to Africa to see the wildlife, seeing a lot and a variety of wildlife is important.
  2. Proper Preparation – An African safari is like no other travel experience. It is essential that you receive accurate information to prepare you for your safari.
  3. Comfortable Accommodation – The accommodations should meet the standards that you expect. The more you pay the more comfort you will experience.
  4. Good Food – You can expect the food on all of the safaris featured in On Safari to range from good to gourmet. You can expect to gain some weight while on safari.
  5. Excellent Safari Guides – The knowledge, training, and personality of the guide or guides that you have during your safari is probably the biggest factor to a successful safari.
  6. Carefully Designed Itinerary – A safari should be designed to go at the right pace. This might include using chartered aircraft between the camps so as to cut down on the driving time. A well designed safari includes both driving and flying.
  7. Support Services – Lastly, does the safari company have back up services in the unlikely event that something would go wrong?

Years ago, David guided on an East African safari. Chuck Henry, host of Eye on LA, the longest running travel show in the history of television, to East Africa.

Standing on the escarpment overlooking the Masai Mara in Kenya, where the final scenes of Out of Africa were filmed, chuck turned the camera and said. “If you have one place to visit, this is it.”

From a man who has traveled to every world destination you can imagine, that’s quite an endorsement.

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